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Home to Wrazorcut,  A&B Metal Manufacturing Company was established in 1954.  Over 60 years since its beginnings, it has become a rock in the Tungsten Carbide industry.  A small business by some perspectives, A&B Metal is large enough to meet any of your Tungsten Carbide needs, yet small enough to deliver the personalized attention and care that our customers deserve. God bless you and thank you for choosing  Wrazorcut as your product of choice.

what we do

A & B specializes in the research and development of tungsten carbide products. Measuring 9 to 9.5 on the Moh's scale, tungsten carbide is one of the toughest metals known to man. A & B purchases only the purest tungsten which is reacted with carbon to form one of the most abrasive tungsten carbides available. It is crushed and segregated to rigid specifications and packed in mild steel tubes. Each material run is inspected and tested by us and by independent laboratories to assure our clients of the utmost in quality.


We believe that over 60 years' experience in the development of tungsten carbide and its applications has given us more than just expertise in the industry. It has given us the responsibility to see that each of our customers have access to our knowledge as well as our products.


We are not order takers. We are hard surfacing specialists, and we will sell only those products we believe are best suited for each customer's need.


Thank you for placing your trust in A&B Metal Manufacturing.

hard surfacing

Hard surfacing is the process of depositing a protective surface on high wear parts. For the original equipment manufacturer this means increased sales due to extended product life (three to fifteen times that of non-surfaced metals). To the job shop owner the added service of hard surfacing used equipment can multiply sales to existing clients and open new doors to others.

Crushed Carbide

Sintered / Cast

Crushed Sintered/Cast Tungsten Carbide screened to strict sizing specifications. This is used to manufacture our wrazorcut and tubemetal products. Many hardfacing applications use this product (bulk metal) in wear prevention. Hardfacing processes include Gas Metal Arc Carbide Embedding (GMACE), Plasma Transfered Arc Processes, Laser Applications, Tig hardfacing applications and copper brazing applications.  We can manufacture and supply crushed carbide from 3/8 - 5/16 US sieve size to 300 US sieve size. Quantities range from 1 pound to 10,000 pounds.


Composite Rod

A blend of Wolfram (atomic #74) in the form of Wrazor sharp crushed sintered tungsten carbide particles within a multi functional resilient matrix of high temperature brazing alloys (NiAg). Our product has been used in many industries worldwide for over 60 years. Industries: Oil/Gas Exploration, Hardbanding, Downhole Drilling, all ground engaging parts in construction and demolition, horizontal drilling, wood/forest grinding and reclamation machines. Wrazorcut applied to any substrate will introduce multi faceted cutting edges in a wearable resilient matrix that will allow the exposition of new cutting edges as wear progresses. If you are looking for wear resistance, wrazor sharp cutting edges, and the hardest substance known to man, use Wrazorcut.


Acetylene / Electric

Tubemetal - crushed sintered/cast tungsten particles wrapped in a sheath of weldable alloy steel. OD Sizes range from 1/8" diameter to 1/4" diameter, 14 to 28 inches in length. We have a standard alloy blend developed over the years to give you the maximum efficiency and wear resistance from our tubemetal. We would be happy to develop a custom alloy for your custom application.



 A&B Wear-Pads (for abrasion resistance)


A&B Wear-Pads are composed of Special High Quality sintered tungsten carbide particles embedded in a matrix of nickel-silver, which has a tensile strength fo 100,000 p.s.i. These pads are manufactured using the same standards as our "Wear-Cut" and "Rough-Cut" Composite Rods.  A&B Wear-Pads contain either 60% or 70% carbide particles in mesh size of 8-14.


The pads are available in the following dimensions:


    1 1/2" x 6" x 1/4"

    2" x 6" x 1/4"

    2" x 12" x 1/4"


We are proudly located in Houston, Texas, USA.

Please contact us for more information about our products and how we may serve you.

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